Project Stay At Home Mom

Project: Stay At Home Mom "Being a mom is my greatest success" ~Sherine Singleton  When I had my first baby I was in my early 20's. I was completely surprised and overjoyed. The little baby boy staring at me became my everything. He changed my world! I wanted to give him the best of all I had, protect him from all things and surround him with my heart.
How could that little baby do all of that? 
I never knew what it was like to love so much! How could I let someone else spend more time with him than me?  But I had to... I had to go back to work... I had bills to pay and no one else would do it for me. He wouldn't drink the bottle when I was gone... he waited for me to come home to breastfeed him. I felt like a deprived him of his nourishment. I wasn't there for him when he needed me. 
When I had my second baby I had a toddler and a newborn. I had a difficult delivery and was struggling to breastfeed my baby. Most of all, I was extremely sleep-deprived trying to …

Three Ways To Challenge Yourself For A More Rewarding Life

Not long ago, I was feeling stagnant and anxious for something new or to change. Because of that, I started to think of what I could do to make my life more rewarding. Now I want to share with you three of the top ways I used to challenge myself.
Wake Up Earlier I am not a morning person. There is no denying it. When that alarm starts beeping, it is the sound I dreaded but with small kids I have to get up eventually. So I decided to get up earlier in effort to get a few more things done, maybe get a workout in or just to have a few minutes of quiet before the kids get up and start talking my ear off. Most mornings I wake up and drink my morning beverage and enjoy the quiet. Definitely rewarding!Say NO To More People This is an area where I struggle. I’m talking about those people who don’t serve me well or at times, suck the energy out of me. I’m not saying they need to be cut out of my life completely, although some might have been at that level in the past, but there certainly needs …